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10 Year Product Warranty

Each Aluminium & Galvanised Steel fence panel & fitting supplied by Fencebuild goes through a rigorous 5 stage pre-treatment process prior to powder coating - as per Australian Standards. This is to ensure a rust free fencing product that is manufactured for the Australian climate. Our state of the art manufacturing facility was purpose built and we use only the highest quality Interpon Powder to ensure a durable, long lasting finish.

In addition to governing statutes, Fencebuild warrants that the structure of its Tubular and Galvanised Steel fencing products sold to its customers will be free from manufacturing defects for 10 years.

Our 10 Year product warranty is given subject to the following limitations:

  • All products are inspected during manufacturing and prior to delivery. Any damage incurred as a result of pickup or delivery by a third party other than Fencebuild shall not be covered by this warranty.
  • Fencing panels, posts and fixings are kept free of dirt and debris at all times and they are not installed in an environment that could be deemed as an unusually corrosive during the warranty period.
  • Proof of purchase will be required prior to admission of any warranty claim
  • No warranty claim will be considered if any monies are outstanding
  • Use of heavy abrasive cleaners such as, but not limited to brick acid will void the warranty
  • Fencebuild may choose to repair or replace defective products at its absolute discretion. Fencebuild will be responsible for the cost of repairing, replacing or obtaining a similar product for a successful warranty claim, whichever is the lowest cost.
  • Fencebuild shall not be liable for injury to any property or persons or any loss arising from the use of the Fencebuild product.
  • All panels are manufactured to Australian Standards and are tested by ETRS in an approved NATA facility.
  • What is not covered by this warranty?
  • Scratching, abrasion, or any other damage or deterioration caused by accident, impact, or misuse
  • Any product installed within 1km of the sea
  • If you move the product from the place it is initially installed
  • Exposure to radiation, corrosive fumes or materials
  • Damage caused by an act of god, act of war, storm, hail or wind
  • Normal weathering, which includes a natural reduction in gloss and colour
  • Any Injury, damage or consequential loss arising from the use of our product
  • Where failure is the result of exposure of the coating to a temperature greater than 70°C
  • Where the failure is the result of the owner not maintaining the product in accordance with our maintenance advice – see below.


Exposure to UV Light, pollution, salt & dirt deposits, and chemicals can affect the long term performance of the fencing coating if not removed with regular washing.

A gentle clean with a soft brush, warm water and mild detergent followed by a rinse of fresh water 2-3 times a year will maintain the finish of powder coated fencing components and fulfill warranty conditions.


Installation of fencing materials by Fencebuild is covered by a 12 month warranty. This includes replacement of parts. Warranty is voided if fencing has been vandalized or damaged by flood or storms.