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Greenbank State School

Greenbank State School


Client: QLD Govt -  Dept Education & Training
Address: Greenbank
Size: 2 kms DET Spec Fencing
Products: DET Spec School Fencing



As a member of the DET Suppliers Board, Fencebuild were tasked to remove existing 1.0m high fencing and replace with new DET Type 1 and Type 2 fencing and gates.

The job had to be completed within six weeks and to be conducted while the school was open. Parts of the fence had to be 2.4m high as a special request.


Fencebuild Australia in conjunction with the manufacturing expertise of Oxworks were contracted to bring the strcit Department of Education and Training fencing specifications to fruition via the following:

  • Install temporary construction fence to separate students on the school side and public on the outside of the work area surrounding the school.
  • Remove vegetation and trees within 1.0m of fence line
  • Demolish existing fence 1,185 lm
  • Install 195 lm of 2.1m high DET Type 1 Fence (HERC DETA)
  • Install 345 lm of custom DET Type 1 Fence which consisted of raked panel, 2.4m high panels and panels made with smaller picket spacings for prep section
  • Install 6x DET Type 1 Single Gates
  • Install 9x DET Type 1 Double Gates
  • Install 1x DET Type 1 6.0m Sliding Gate
  • Install 770 lm of 2.4m high DET Type 2 chainwire fencing
  • Install 5x DET Type 2 Double Gates