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Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade is the epitome of style and architectural design delivering stylish good looks and safety with the durability of Stainless Steel fixtures that suits a wide range of project styles.

Our Balustrade Systems 

Our modular balustrade systems are engineered and designed to meet Australian construction industry standards. Offering modern style and quality finishes, all components of our glass balustrade systems have been tested to comply with these strict standards.

We offer three Frameless Glass Balustrade options to suit both internal and external applications. Team spigot fixed or pinned glass with your choice of 2205 stainless steel top rail or off-set handrail options.

FG1 - System 1 - Spigoted Toprail
FG2 - System 1 - Spigoted Offset Handrail
FG3 - System 2 - Pinned Offset Handrail

Glass balustrade is a safety product and we guarantee you will only receive Grade A Heat Soaked and Toughened Safety Glass from Fencebuild. All of our panels come stamped with the Australian Standard Licence Number.  Our commitment to excellence means we only offer 2205 Stainless steel spigots, stand-off pins and handrail options ensuring superior strength and corrosion resistance.

Our Balustrade Glass

Our 12mm heat soaked & toughened safety glass panels are stamped with the Australian Standards logo for your piece of mind. All of our balustrade glass comply with AS2208 with test certificates available. Balustrade Glass is a safety product and we guarantee you will only receive Grade A Toughened and Heat Soaked Safety Glass from Fencebuild.

Our Stainless Steel Spigots & Stand-Off Pins

Our Frameless Glass Spigots & Stand Off Pins are independently tested by a NATA facility and are manufactured from 2205 Stainless Steel which has superior strength and corrosion resistance properties to traditional 316 Stainless Steel.

Our Stainless Steel Handrail & Top Rail Systems

We offer a choice of top rails and offset handrails to suit your Frameless Glass Balustrade, with several different profiles in the range.   Handrails are required on all Balustrades to ensure they comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code.  Our top rails and offset handrails are 316L Stainless Steel and modular in design for easy installation.

Technical Information


Standards we adhere to

Other than our own high standards of quality and workmanship, our Frameless Glass Balustrade systems meet or exceed the following industry standards:


Heat Soaked & Toughened Glass

AS1288 (2006)

Glass Building Selection & Installation


Structural Self Supporting Balustrades - Dead & Live Combination 4.7.1 Parapets, Balustrades & Railings

Glass Tolerances